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Yoga Teacher Training: Classes


If you seek to be a Yoga Teacher, your search ends here!!

Our 200-hours Yoga Teacher Training in the Divine City Rishikesh, India gives you a solid foundation in Yogic practices.

We have designed our curriculum to not only deepen your understanding of ancient philosophy but also give you confidence in your evolution as a Yoga Practitioner.

 Highlights of the Training Course

  • Learning of the age-old Yogic Asanas; which have been practiced by yogis, gurus and people in India as well as the world over.

  • Delving deeper into the execution of various postures and how they impact the body through study of Anatomy and Physiology.

  • Understanding the whole through practice of parts. Regular practice under an esteemed faculty to nurture love for Asanas towards attaining holistic health.

  • Comprehending the Yogic Philosophy and true aim behind practicing Asanas and meditation.

  • Concentrating on recitation of Mantras, practice of Meditation and Pranayama, for a wholesome inner experience, wellbeing, healing as well as positivity.


500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course is a highly professional level of a training program that prepares the yoga practitioners at an advanced level. Hence we have developed a detailed yoga course for the practitioner who wants to gain deeper knowledge. Situated in the upper Tapovan, Dev Yoga School is committed to provide you with a correct platform so that you can excel in your quest of becoming the best yoga teacher. At Dev Yoga School, our experienced yoga teachers will offer you the best guidance that will make your journey easier.


500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course is a detailed study of Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Asana, Meditation, Pranayama, & Physiology, Bandhas, Mudras, Mantra Chanting, and many more. Moreover, this Yoga TTC program in Dev Yoga School helps in building confidence and class conducting methodology. With the Higher level Yoga Teaching Course, one can choose the right track to the divine path of yoga with the ultimate health and wellness. 

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