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If you seek to be a Yoga Teacher, your search ends here!!

Our 200-hours Yoga Teacher Training in the historical city of Rohtak (Near New Delhi), India gives you a solid foundation in Yogic practices.

We have designed our curriculum to not only deepen your understanding of ancient philosophy but also give you confidence in your evolution as a Yoga Practitioner.

 Highlights of the Training Course

  • Learning of the age-old Yogic Asanas; which have been practiced by yogis, gurus and people in India as well as the world over.

  • Delving deeper into the execution of various postures and how they impact the body through study of Anatomy and Physiology.

  • Understanding the whole through practice of parts. Regular practice under an esteemed faculty to nurture love for Asanas towards attaining holistic health.

  • Comprehending the Yogic Philosophy and true aim behind practicing Asanas and meditation.

  • Concentrating on recitation of Mantras, practice of Meditation and Pranayama, for a wholesome inner experience, wellbeing, healing as well as positivity.