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Dev Yoga School, founded in 2015, is honored to connect its students with the ancient spiritual wisdom, which is India’s gift to the world. The teaching aims at making pupils comprehend how yoga goes beyond as a tradition or Asana practice, rather a holistic method to seek harmony within and without.

We have evolved a unique approach to adapt the ancient practices to the complexities of modern life. The fast paced 21st century requires customized solutions for people. That’s why we have evolved our special training program to create a sense of heightened awareness, covering the broad canvas of yogic practices including cleansing and breathing techniques, meditation as well as postures. We are dedicated towards taking our students on the path of spiritual integrity.

We believe our curriculum would guide your towards enhancing sensitivity towards others as well take a explorative journey into your inner self. Our team of highly experienced teachers would leave no stone unturned to assist you in this path to self-discovery.

We, at Dev Yoga School will ensure that you dwell in an environment where you focus your energies on deepening your awareness and take your practice to the next higher level. During your stay with us, all your needs will be looked after by us while we illumine your path, conquer your fears, clear your doubts and guide you in unleashing your potential towards attaining your highest self.

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A Life of Balance

We, at Dev Yoga School, have built our yogic practice on the strong pillar of combining physical with the emotional and spiritual journey. Our curriculum guides our students towards achieving an integration of breath, body, movement, self-awareness and meditation; which promotes an understanding of the inter dependency of these aspects in one’s holistic well being.

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