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1. Chanting Mantras – The regular chanting of mantras create a feeling of lightness and well-being. They penetrate the depths of subconscious mind and cause positive vibrations in the surroundings. They not only lead to reducing stress and tension, but also generate an aura of optimism. Now referred to as Mantropathy, the practice is gaining popularity for cleansing and healing, within and without. 

2. Cleansing Process (Shat karma) – An internal purification and cleansing technique, Shatkarma energizes us by helping the body get rid of toxins and feel revitalized and fresh.

3. Asana Practice – Asanas or yoga postures are basic to yogic practice where each asana is performed according to proper technique in order to procure maximum benefits. A wrongly performed asana can have negative impact. Hence, it is important to learn accurate adjustment, alignment, modifications and variations so as to heal the body, improve posture, reduce weight, remove toxins and induce a state of mind-body relaxation. However, they should be practiced with care so as to avoid risk of injuries and side effects.

4. Art of sequencing – It is our prime goal to teach future teachers the importance of sequence while conducting yoga sessions. The onus for creating an energizing and flowing atmosphere in the class where students feel interested and engaged, lies on the instructor. Therefore, we are committed to making the teachers understand the role of rhythm and flow in yoga class so that sessions can be held effectively and accrue benefits to the students.

5. Pranayama – Yoga is based upon the solid foundation of the practice of breathing. The way we breathe impacts our inner self. Yoga in combination with deep breathing detoxifies the body, improves blood circulation and metabolism, and gives a sense of peace and quiet to the practitioner.

6Dhyana – It is our aim to guide the future teachers towards reaching the deeper state of level of concentration through focusing their mind by meditation. Dhyana is the blissful state which is the ultimate goal of yoga.

​7. Understanding human physiology – It is extremely essential to understand the fundamentals of human anatomy in order to reap the benefits of yoga practices.

​8. Yoga Philosophy – Yoga is not only practice of Asanas but also deep understanding of ancient philosophy and ideas. It will be our endeavor to teach these ideologies as part of our curriculum.

​9. Teaching Practice – Teaching is an art; whereby the teacher creates interest in the students for knowledge and guide them on the path of learning. Our course is designed to make the teachers skillful in taking their students on the path of self-awareness and better living.

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