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The quest for knowledge is never over. As far as yoga is concerned, there is no end to learning the deeper nuances of ancient philosophy as well as the Asana. It is the aim of every yogi to impart the teachings of yoga to others so that they can also start their journey of good health and overall well being. Unfortunately, most of them remain trapped within this desire, unable to bring it to fruition. Hence it is our aspiration to fill these gaps with our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification. The Course is specifically designed to train teachers in the path of transformative self-discovery and help others acquire the same. We will assist the prospective teachers to fulfill their dreams and aspirations by teaching them Asanas; which will help them reach out to others in making yoga a way of life.
So what’s stopping you?
Come and join our transformative 200 Hour Yoga Training program and commence your yogic journey and become a certified yoga instructor!!

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In 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course, you will learn complete knowledge of yoga, various asana from basic to advanced level includes asana, meditation, and pranayama with yoga philosophy and anatomy. And also you will get the opportunity to conduct the yoga class for 200-hour yoga teacher training students while learning advanced level.

This will deepen your personal practice, teaching skills, and your self-confidence. In the last days of the course, our skilled and experienced teachers make you develop your unique teaching styles, creativity and discover a new dimension in the Yogic world.

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There are plethora of reasons to embark on your yogic expedition by enrolling into the 200 hour yoga teacher training provided by Dev Yoga School!

1) First and foremost, our curriculum is designed to provide you with solid foundation for your teaching career. Packed with information and practice of Asanas, we aim to start you on the path of becoming a teacher and pass on the ancient wisdom to others. Good health is imperative to happiness and contentment in all spheres of life. We ensure you that after attending our course once, you will be left wanting for more!!


2) Since we are certified with Yoga Alliance International, therefore once you successfully complete Yoga Teacher Training Course with us, you will be eligible to teach anywhere around the globe.

3) We, at Dev Yoga realize the importance of learning not only the practical aspects of Yoga but also the theoretical knowledge for a comprehensive understanding. All our teachers are a living example of simple yet accomplished personalities, who have made Yoga a way of everyday life. Learning from them will influence you not only on the path of betterment and self-discovery, but also motivate you to pass on the learning to others.

4) While you are with us, we shall embrace all your questions and doubts and give you clearer perspective on them. We believe in uniqueness of all individuals, hence our curriculum is also customized to suit every teacher’s needs and abilities.

5) During your course, you will get an opportunity to create your own network of yoga teachers and students worldwide. Here, you will get to bond closely with other aspiring teachers, who will support you in your journey to be a Yoga Teacher. Thorough deep discussions about ancient yogic practices will clear away the doubts and help you forge long-lasting relationships with fraternity of yogis and yoginis.

6) The curriculum is suited to meet unique needs and expectations of the trainee teachers. We shall strive to assist the budding teachers as well as beginners on their yogic journey to assimilate knowledge for evolving into more balanced humans across the entire spectrum of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

7) Our motto at Dev Yoga is to guide the entire physical and mental of our teachers towards reconnecting with their inner force. Here, we give them more than just yogic training. We allow them to process their own journey in an organic way. There is no rushing ahead, just for the sake of it rather than to just learn the Asanas. We believe every individual to be unique, with their own special set of attitudes, talents and mindset. We all go through our own experiences in life and embrace them as we deem fit. Hence, we cater to our teachers on one-to-one basis, by taking into account their inclinations and abilities and develop their course in an enriching, wholesome and open-minded atmosphere. We encourage them to embrace positivity and optimism as the mantra of life. We believe happy people will make inspiring teachers. This is the goal we have set out to achieve through our course.

8) Our experience as a yoga training center has taught us to understand the requirements of modern yogis and yoginis. Therefore, we equip them with all the modern amenities of daily life in order to make their stay easy and comfortable while they concentrate on acquiring knowledge and practice. Homemade food, clean and hygienic rooms and 24*7 medical facilities will surely keep our budding teachers in happy spirits through the rigorous tenure of the training program.

9) It is our endeavor to facilitate your learning by providing you an atmosphere where you can focus your energies on attaining mental and physical equilibrium.

 It is our privilege and honor to invite you to enjoy a homely atmosphere at Dev Yoga School while we give wings to your dreams for spreading the light of Yoga in the world. 

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